Sunday, 26 August 2012

Canine Tarot - 4 of Swords - Pekenese

So, because I simply don’t have enough projects on the go, I have decided to turn my “100 dogs” project into a Tarot project. Craftily, because that will mean that I draw fewer dogs (phew) but also as inspiration – there will need to be a story and a background for the card, not just a dog plonked there looking hungry (sleepy? Bored? Loving).
I am not particularly happy with this first card – I tried a different technique more suited for watercolours and it just didn’t flow well at all.  I nearly gave up twice on this image, but did like it enough to finish. – and hey, only 77 more to go to get the practice in.
So here is card number 1.
4 of Swords, represented by the Peke - Contemplation and quiet preparation is the description of this card. The loyal Peke waits for his master’s return, serenely and patiently.

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