Friday, 28 September 2012

Two lovely ladies


Drawing people is most certainly my weakness. I used to ignore the existence of human beings, instead preferring to draw dragons and monsters – whoops!
If there is anything I can recommend to other wannabe artists, it would be to draw people. Seriously. Because you will not be able to escape it, unless you are very, very good and find a very specialised niche!
It’s hard, really hard – but the more I draw people, the more fun it becomes and the easier too. Learning how muscles work and how colours blend and that skin colour is fun –   although I am still a very, very long way away.  Light years, perhaps. But have to start somewhere.
First pic is a quickie from reference, second is from imagination…. my imagination needs a good talking to.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Crying over dropped icecream?

I finished this a couple of weeks ago, thought it would do for now, as I have been working on the other fox picture for the past four hours and still not finished.  Trying new techniques with layering textures and completely out of my “safe zone” – but it is looking good and will be finished soon.
For now, one sad munchkin.  Based on a watercolour sketch I did a while ago, completed in illustrator.

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Canine Tarot - Two of Swords – German Shepherd

Forgot I had not put this one up yet – Two of Swords for the canine tarot, symbolising partnership and balance, on a cautious but positive path.
German shepherds, meeting at their favourite tree.
Colours are a bit too saturated, but the general impression of being cautious and uncomfortable in a slightly creepy place came through, I think.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Dryad of the Autumn Forest

This picture about killed me.  She originally had a fox resting its head on her thigh, but if I attempted to draw any more, I knew the painting would be abandoned forever and never see the light of day. Took far too many hours again, but always learning, learning, learning. Thoroughly enjoyed it and hated it at the same time… as always!

Hona, the dryad, looking wistful as the trees change colour -quite appropriate, seeing as how quickly the trees have started dropping leaves this week. The squirrel is called Dave and he objects.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Ewok, Illustrator style

Ee Chee Wa Maa!
Yes, I went on google to find that. Help me.
It seems to be either a love or hate thing with Ewoks. I love them. Furry little gits.  I can remember watching the cartoon when I was a child – and have vague recollections of the Battle for Endor – was that a series or movie? But no matter, Ewoks are awesome and a fun way to practice with illustrator and textures. Makes me want to watch Starwars again.  The originals, not the new three… saying nothing.
I love illustrator, but I do struggle with the more technical/graphic side of things. And being an idiot, I don’t name my layers. Yeah, that’s not fun in Illustrator. I am learning.  I really like using textures at the moment, although they were added in Photoshop afterwards.
Altogether, rather fun! Onto the next one.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

psychedelia critter

These rather froggy, lizardy dudes were originally for the COW over on, but muggins here messed up her timing and missed the deadline.  Still, it was a good experience and next time I will look at the clock.
The brief was to create a creature that was dependent on a food-source that was a narcotic.  I went with a reptile that sucks on (and spits out again, don’t worry!) dart frogs. Then sits around saying “dude.” a lot.
Not too happy with the end result, but learnt a lot…

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Concept down - so better do some drawing instead

So went down last weekend for upgrades… and it’s killing me! I didn’t realise how much time I spent on the place until I couldn’t get there.  Can’t wait to see the new version, and to update my sketchbook.

Today’s project – about four hours in and most of it looks terrible… but there is hopefully promise on the horizon.  For the rest of tonight, however, there shall be popcorn and bad zombie movies. Night!

Imp,demon, goblin?

Wow, having a bit of a run of “cute” recently! I think I have been watching too many zombie movies and having to overcompensate?
This little dude is an idea for a practice kiddie book I would like to throw together.  I am wondering if he is *too* cute? However, he will have a counterpart who is a bit more obnoxious so perhaps it will work.  The antagonist will hopefully be in colour by the weekend, and then it is time to start on the book itself.

And he needs a name. Sugar McSweetnheartkissy seems right.

Happy Zebra

And how about a cute, happy, experimental zebra having fun to end the weekend on. Why do they always fly by so quickly???

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Dah nah…. dah nah… dahnahdahnahdahnah… shark week!

Or rather, it was shark week a couple of weeks past. Wondered if it was possible to draw a friendly shark.  What do you think?
Thanks to everyone who has visited so far – your comments and crits are always much appreciated.